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President’s Update

Vol. 15, No. 25

July 14, 2010

2010 OMA Schedule of Fees Now Online: Suggested Fees for Uninsured Services

The 2010 edition of the OMA Schedule of Fees, effective April 1, 2010, is now available online for member reference and download ( This document is a valuable practice resource and provides guidance for physicians and office staff on the development and application of fees for services rendered to patients who are not insured by OHIP.

Please note: As directed by OMA Council, the 2010 OMA Schedule of Fees is a mirror of the current OHIP Schedule of Benefits (October 1, 2009), where fee values have been adjusted based on a common multiplier.

The 2010 multiplier = 1.98

Any fee listed in the OHIP Schedule of Benefits can be multiplied by 1.98 to obtain the OMA suggested fee for the service or procedure. Fees are rounded up to the nickel — examples are provided below:

A007 Intermediate Assessment $32.35: OHIP fee $64.10: OMA fee

G480 Venipuncture - Infant $9.25: OHIP fee $18.35: OMA fee

S205 Appendectomy $330.00: OHIP fee $653.40: OMA fee

Any questions and/or concerns about the OMA Schedule of Fees may be forwarded to the Economics Department by e-mail at: